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Options for repairing ungrounded three-prong outlets

Ungrounded three-prong outlets are a very common defect found on home inspections of old houses. Thankfully, repairing this issue is not a huge deal, and today, I’ll walk through the...
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Save Time and Energy: Stop Rinsing Your Dishes Before Dishwasher

I’ve used a dishwasher the wrong way for most of my life. I used to scrape and rinse my dishes before putting them into the dishwasher, which was a waste...
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How to Correct an Improper Air Gap on a Toilet Fill Valve

The guts of your toilet need to be properly installed to avoid a cross-connection between the water in your toilet tank and the water you drink. If you’re selling a...
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Why You Shouldn’t Connect Your Sump Pump to the Sewer

Discharging your sump pump into the city’s sanitary sewer system is bad news. While this might seem like an easier and more attractive option than running a discharge tube from...
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The Challenges of Sealed Attic Access Panels

Sealed attic access panels are a bane to home inspectors. Nothing about home inspections causes more consternation than ‘sealed’ attic access panels; not just for the home inspector, but also...
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How to Inspect Your Own Deck

May is Deck Safety Month, so it’s a good time to discuss deck inspections. The best way to know if your deck is safe is to have it professionally inspected....
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Polybutylene Pipes: a ticking time-bomb for plumbing leaks

From the early 1980s until the mid-1990s, many homes across the country were plumbed with plastic tubing called polybutylene, aka PB. It looks like PEX tubing, can have similar crimp...
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Inspecting sub-slab ductwork: it’s all about water

In last week’s blog post on transite heat, I explained that most sub-slab ductwork is not transite. It’s not transite heat, it’s not transite ductwork, and it should not be labeled as...
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