Reuben Saltzman

Why you should test for radon, even if you think it’s a government conspiracy

A few quick facts about radon Radon is a gas formed by the breakdown of uranium and radium, both of which are found in high levels in Minnesota. Every home...
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Window Replacement Part 2: Materials and Methods

This is a guest blog post by Ryan Carey, of My 3 Quotes. If you didn’t call My 3 Quotes and you’ve just been through three very long and very painful...
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Ice Dams: how to prevent and how to remove

Ice dams are literally dams of ice that form on roofs and cause water to back up. Ice dams form when the snow that touches the roof melts, and then...
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Window Replacement Part 1: The Dog and Pony Show Comes to Your House

Time for window shopping? Get ready for the product that was absolutely made for the kitchen table sales pitch. Windows are a salesperson’s dream, chock full of parts and pieces...
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Top 20 Home Inspection Photos from 2022

Drumroll please: it’s time to share our favorite home inspection photos from the past year. They keep on coming, and this is possibly our best year ever for photos. We...
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Home Inspection Secret Shop on an 11-month warranty inspection

It’s important to have new construction homes inspected; not just used houses. And these houses should be inspected by private home inspectors, not just the municipal inspector.* Home inspectors have...
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NM Cable to water heater

Inspecting the wiring to an electric water heater

As a home inspector, I look for three main things when I inspect the wiring to an electric water heater: protection of the wires, a service disconnect, and proper circuit...
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Two-lead tester hot and ground

Must-have home inspection tool: two-lead voltage tester

Every home inspector ought to carry around a two-lead electrical tester. For last week’s blog post, I shared the list of home inspection tools that home inspectors at Structure Tech...
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