What Clients Say

Words Used to Describe the HomesMSP Team

Very patient, professional, personable, detailed, unbiased opinion, knowledgeable, compassion, integrity, dedication, hard-working, honest, friendly, responds, no pressure, informative, thoughtful, attentive, listening, supportive, thinking outside the box, expertise, communication, timely, amazing, genuine, kind, a Godsend, reassuring, available, conscientious, experienced, resourceful, proactive

Sharlene did a fantastic job of helping us find our first home in Minneapolis. My wife did extensive research into the market at the outset, which led her to Sharlene’s very informative and reader friendly blog. Upon meeting Sharlene, we warned her that we weren’t in a rush and would be especially picky about what we considered. Sharlene was understanding and undaunted. She stuck with us as we tiptoed into the market, sending us excellent recommendations and truly educating us about home buying–everything from inspections, home repair/construction, pricing negotiations, different types of sellers (and much more). I feel confident in saying that we wouldn’t have made the good choices we did without Sharlene’s patient and expert advice. On top of all that, Sharlene is a wonderful person, and meeting with her was always a pleasure. We love the home we ended up buying–it was much better than we had hoped for and in this market that feels like a big deal. If you’re looking for someone who will advocate for you, offer solid advice, and stay on top of the details (from contacting other agents, paperwork, communication), Sharlene is the one for you.

Jenny & Jacob

Sharlene was ALWAYS available for showing, market research and advice. Her responsiveness was incredible- by phone call, text and email. Patiently, friendly and w/o pressure- working with me for over a year to close on a beautiful condo. Sharlene is very knowledgeable and made the entire process clear, and doable. I am very grateful and highly recommend her.


We just wanted to thank you again for all that you did to support us in the past few months. Your warmth, knowledge, communication and intuition made this process as seamless as possible. You really took care of us! Thank you for everything, all of it, we’re so sad we won’t get to talk to you as often!

Kadi, Laura and Dalloway

A very big thanks to you for all the work you did in getting this townhome for us. We are pretty sure your involvement was instrumental in getting the bid! You were so prepared and organized! We can’t thank you enough!

Nancy & Garry

Greatest strengths are responsiveness, patience, experience/knowledge. Outstanding experience from beginning to end. Would highly recommend!


As first-time homebuyers we appreciated Sharlene’s knowledge of neighborhoods and guidance surrounding the whole process. Your care and attention to al the little details really let us know how very lucky we are in having you as our Realtor. Also, thank you for generously donating to Habitat for Humanity. We love that you care for our community!

Joel & Rachel

You are a great communicator – you always responded to our questions promptly and thoroughly. After the difficult task of working on our house for two years, you helped us close it on a positive note. Thank you, Sharlene!


So dependable, trust-worthy and personable… 5 star service!

Colleen & Brad

We appreciate your thoughtful and skilled guidance to sell my old home and buy our new wonderful home. Thank you, you are fabulous!

Sacha & John

Sharlene provided excellent judgment on what kinds of things I needed to do to make a good and honest sale.


I wouldn’t dream of using any other Realtor in the Twin Cities. Fantastic service! Sharlene gets the job done!


Really wonderful to work with you. We felt that you wanted the best for us.

Coco & Sam

The help we got from you and John to find our new place was truly wonderful, professional, but most of all demonstrative of your heartfelt caring for people. Plus we had a lot of fun being with you!

Jim & Diane

I appreciate everything you have done over the years! You’re extremely responsive and super helpful, I will always work with you until you retire. LOL


I moved to downtown Minneapolis from out-of-state. Sharlene was available, never pushy and acknowledged my concerns. She was on top of things so I never had to worry. On a scale of 1-10 with ten the best, I would have to give her a 20!!


Thanks so much for all your amazing work, Sharlene. We’ve worked with several realtors in the past, but you are just heads and shoulders above everyone else we’ve worked with. It was a true pleasure to work with you on this. Thanks for everything.

Tom & Jane

Thank you for all of your expertise in helping us make this house our home! I know there is so much you manage behind the scenes to make it seem seamless as both a buyer and seller and I greatly appreciate that. I cannot imagine how the process could have been made any easier.


Excellent communication, responsive and excellent listener; ability to know what our needs are; honesty, hardworking, consistent; always had our best interests in mind; easy to work with, very knowledgeable about mid-century modern homes and architecture

Dan & Stacy

We called you because we trust you. Many people don’t trust their Realtor. Trust is huge, the most important thing. We can refer other people to you because we had a good experience with you selling our house. Our trust level is really, really high.

Rudy & Catherine

Thank you again for your help in finding our new home. We appreciated your patience and personal touch during our search. Hope we can work together again in the future.

Jesse & Liz

We have bought and sold three homes in this lifetime. Only this experience could be called a pleasure. Someone told me that Sharlene was a “house whisperer”. ‘Don’t worry,’ I was told. ‘She will find you the home that you will love. And yes, she did. We flew in from NYC with anxiety and expectations. With seemingly infinite patience, kindness and compassion she looked past the surface and looked into our hearts and made our dreams come true.

Lisa & Paul

Sharlene helped me through a difficult time in my life, selling a home when separated from my spouse. She was respectful and sensitive, and due to her expertise, guidance and thoughtfulness it was much less stressful than I expected.


You really listened to our needs and concerns, your knowledge about the area was super helpful for relocation, and your strong negotiation with the seller made a potentially difficult process go smoothly. Thank you!

Holly & Dan

I appreciated your value system and felt it was important to you.


Keep up the good, honest and reliable work you do. Fast response to any inquiry!


I appreciated your expertise in the townhome & condo market as I moved in from out-of-state.


I have only high praise for Sharlene and Angela! I was apprehensive about the process of selling my elderly mother’s townhouse, but under their leadership it was swift and smooth. Hats off to Sharlene and her team!


We had such a great experience with Sharlene and Angela selling the two homes we owned before we got married and purchasing our perfect home together! It was a long process that we forced into a short timeline and it could only have happened with your professionalism! Loved your data!

Mollie & Matt

Thank you 10,000x over for your guiding hand and wisdom in helping us through this transition. This was my first home sale experience and I honestly couldn’t imagine doing it without you and your team.

Michelle & Jonathan

Sharlene and Angela far exceeded my expectations in being the Realtors to buy and sell my home. You listened, responded quickly to emails, calls and questions to develop trust. Thank you for your communication, integrity, conscientiousness, resourcefulness, knowledge, and technology savvy. You are doing things top-notch!


You cared deeply and responded right away every time. I felt like I was your only client!


Sharlene is amazing with communication and we were so thankful for help with staging. Wow, what a transformation – we had two offers in 2 days! She and her husband, John, are a great team!

Dave & Rachel

We have bought or sold nine homes over the years and Sharlene is hands down the best Realtor we’ve had.

Dwight & Melanie

Sharlene worked with us for over 2 years while we purchased a new home and sold our old one. She is truly a thoughtful, intelligent person and a talented Realtor. We love working with her!

Nick & Michelle

Your knowledge of neighborhoods and what different areas are like was most helpful.

Kathy & Jim

You listened to us and helped us find, and purchase, just what we were looking for.

Jacy & Sarad

Amazing communication! I appreciated your ability to keep track of so much information and to be assertive without being pushy or aggressive.


Thank you for taking the time to explain all the little details to us. It was incredibly helpful, we had no idea what we were doing!

Anna & Eric