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How to Inspect Your Own Deck

May is Deck Safety Month, so it’s a good time to discuss deck inspections. The best way to know if your deck is safe is to have it professionally inspected....
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Polybutylene Pipes: a ticking time-bomb for plumbing leaks

From the early 1980s until the mid-1990s, many homes across the country were plumbed with plastic tubing called polybutylene, aka PB. It looks like PEX tubing, can have similar crimp...
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Inspecting sub-slab ductwork: it’s all about water

In last week’s blog post on transite heat, I explained that most sub-slab ductwork is not transite. It’s not transite heat, it’s not transite ductwork, and it should not be labeled as...
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Transite Heat: is this a problem?

If you mention the word transite to about 90% of the population, they either think of HVAC ductwork installed below the concrete floor in a basement, or they assume you added...
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Spring Checklist for Minnesota Homeowners

Spring is officially here, so I’ve created a Spring Checklist. I’ve shared a fall maintenance checklist forever because there’s a ton of stuff for Minnesota homeowners to do before winter....
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How to test a sump pump

Failed sump pumps lead to flooded basements. While it’s important to have a backup plan in place for a failed sump pump, it’s also a good idea to test your sump...
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How a home inspector finds gas leaks

One home inspection item that consistently causes panic for both buyers and sellers is a gas leak. Gas companies around the country are crystal clear on this topic: “If you...
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Product review: TopTes PT205 Gas Leak Detector

Many home inspectors like to carry gas leak detectors in their tool bags. We call ’em gas sniffers. We don’t use these devices during every inspection, but if we smell...
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