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Why You Should Never Skip a Home Inspection, Even for New Construction Homes

Don’t ever skip the home inspection, even when it’s new construction. While new means new, it doesn’t mean perfect. There are a lot of steps required to put a house...
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New construction inspections: before closing or before the one-year warranty walk-through?

If you’re buying a new construction home, there are three basic types of home inspections for you to consider. Each home inspection is dependent upon timing, and I’ll shine a...
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Photos from new construction inspections, 2022

New does not mean perfect. We do a ton of new construction home inspections, and our clients never regret hiring us for the home inspection. I could wax on and...
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Free one-hour class on New Construction Home Inspections

I’m SO excited to announce the launch of a new learning platform for licensed real estate agents in Minnesota. Up until this year, we’ve been teaching free continuing education classes...
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Minneapolis 2019 Spring Parade of Homes Starts Today!

I love the Parade of Homes and it starts today! Even though it doesn’t feel like Spring in Minneapolis, the start of the Parade signals the start of the Spring...
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Photos from New Construction Home Inspections, Part V

New construction houses should be inspected by private home inspectors. If you're on the fence about having a new home inspected, please look through these photos.
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New Radon Rules for MN

More updates to the new Minnesota State Building Code that was updated in January of this year. These are the first major updates to our code since 2007, so there's...
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Photos from New Construction Home Inspections, Part IV

New homes should be inspected by private home inspectors. It's been one day short of a year since my last post on new construction home inspections, so it's time for...
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