Hollow Wall Anchors (because screws in drywall are useless)

I grew up doing construction work with my dad, and my first “real” job was at a hardware store, so I’ve spent my life assuming everyone knows what a hollow...
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Combustion Air Ducts, Part II: Problems and Solutions

Last week I wrote about what combustion air ducts are and why houses need them. This week I will follow up with some of the most common problems and solutions...
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Combustion Air Ducts, Part I: Why Houses Need Them

Have you ever noticed a big insulated tube dropping down next to the floor near your furnace or boiler in the basement? If you trace this duct down, you’ll find...
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Must-have tool list part 2

Must-own tool list, part 2: reader suggestions

I shared my must-have tool list for every homeowner, and I received many more great suggestions from readers, mostly on the Structure Tech Facebook page. To all of you who...
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Don’t use old bleach; it goes bad.

Maybe everyone else already knew this, but I recently learned that bleach goes bad. My daughter wanted help making a pattern on some clothing with bleach, so we put some...
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Tool List Cover

Must-own tool list for every homeowner

For last week’s blog post I shared one of my favorite tool accessories, a hex head bit set. That got me thinking about all of the other must-have tools for...
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Must-have tool accessory: hex wrench bits

Hex wrenches, aka Allen wrenches, need to go. Everything takes forever when you’re stuck using a hex wrench. I made my own set of hex wrenches for a drill by...
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Weekly real estate market report 4/14/23 – inspections and repairs are popular again

Last week’s jump in coming soon listings became this week’s jump in new listings as other metrics dropped in this past week around Easter. Showings increased again in response to...
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