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4 Home Binder Printables for Any Stage of Homeownership, and How to Set up the Binder

Looking for a better way to organize your home? Try making a home binder with these 4 printables for any stage of homeownership.
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Window Replacement Part 2: Materials and Methods

This is a guest blog post by Ryan Carey, of My 3 Quotes. If you didn’t call My 3 Quotes and you’ve just been through three very long and very painful...
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A Fresh Start for Our Homes and Our Hearts… donating and disposing of things you clear out

Just like we knew it would happen, the holiday season is coming to an end and 2023 is ready to begin! This past week our home was flooded with new...
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Window Replacement Part 1: The Dog and Pony Show Comes to Your House

Time for window shopping? Get ready for the product that was absolutely made for the kitchen table sales pitch. Windows are a salesperson’s dream, chock full of parts and pieces...
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Crazy For Tile!

I love, love, love picking out tile. So many choices and  not enough rooms. HA! Have you seen the tile available these days? The textures, the patterns the colors! Whether ...
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An Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist!

I know everyone has their Spring cleaning checklist for the inside of the house but what about the outside? This is so important as many of us are coming off...
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Boxelder Bugs: What should I do about them?

This week’s Q&A question comes from me, Reuben. That’s right, I have a problem with my house and the title of this blog post gives it away. I have boxelder...
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Repairing a rotted window sash

I recently repaired a rotted window sash at my own home, and I’m not sure if it was a good use of my time. Today I’ll share the process for...
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