Why Isn’t My Home Selling?

Pricing Strategies that Work

Of all the pieces that come together to get your home sold, pricing is the most important because it combines all factors… including location, condition, amenities and  terms. When buyers find a property that suits...
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How important is ‘condition and staging’?

In addressing the question, 'Why isn't my home selling?', condition and staging can play a very important role. People are more aware than ever of the importance of condition and...
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Staging For Your Target Market

There are a lot of different degrees of staging.  The number one rule is to stage to your target market.  As an example, I recently worked on a nice home...
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Understanding Factors outside Your Control

When selling your home, some factors are outside your control…but they do play a key role in selling your home. You should understand what they are and how they impact pricing your...
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Staging Your Home – Back to Basics

When I'm driving, I'm always looking at "For Sale" signs.  Often times, those signs are up for far too long.  Then, I run home and look at the interior pictures...
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What do you mean…look better and be priced better?

Buyers often look at dozens of homes before making a decision to buy. If you are a seller, how do you make yours the one they choose? Last week I said that...
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Why isn’t my home selling?

Properties are always selling, so why is it that some homes sell quickly while others just sit there? It can be especially frustrating if yours is one of the homes...
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