Cost vs Value 2023… best home improvements for resale

Tis the season to think about home improvements. If you are thinking about resale in the coming months or a few years down the road, smart investments in updates increase...
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Design Trends to watch for in 2024… from paint colors to MCM ideas to what’s in and what’s out

It seems that I have been seeing lists everywhere about the colors of the year and what design trends are in and out for 2024. A common theme is more...
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Things you should never paint in your home

With cold weather finally arriving after saying goodbye to the holidays, many people think about escaping to warmer destinations. For those of us staying put, many homeowners think about making...
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Expect the Unexpected

It’s been two weeks since I invited you into our journey to repair and renovate our bathroom, and over a month since our wax ring failure. With little surprise, I...
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To match, or not to match, that is the question!

Maybe you’re ready for a living room refresh, or you’re moving into a new home and wanting to redesign your spaces; in either scenario, you’ll have to make a lot...
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How does RE/NEW powered by Curbio work?

Frequently asked questions about how Curbio works, including: how does the ‘pay at closing’ model work? what types of projects does Curbio take on? what happens if the house doesn’t...
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A short sale… 15 years later

Fifteen years ago we helped two young men purchase the house above as a short sale (the small, snowy picture in the lower left corner). They waited exactly 5 months...
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New 2023 Remodeling Study… highest and lowest cost recovered

Getting ready to sell and wondering what projects will add the most value to your home? Today’s Homeowner calculated the average return on investment for 34 projects, consulting with more...
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