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Staging Myths

Someone just asked me about staging their home.  They wondered if they should put their house on the market and see what happens.  Then, if it doesn't sell, they might...
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Selling From The Outside

Okay, I'm sure spring will be here someday!  As I'm driving around, I'm seeing some grass, then snow, then dirty looking yards and driveways.  If you're thinking of putting your...
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A Rough Couple of Months

As I sat here trying to think about what to blog about, I decided not to write about staging at all.  You see, it's been a rough couple of months...
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Closet Doors

I was working with Clients this week who just bought a Condo in Edina.  They have some great ideas to freshen up the look of the home.  One thing they...
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Pet Smells

I wrote a blog about pets last year when we were working on a home that had a cat and a dog.  While working with this client on some home...
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Staging For Dummies????

There are over 2,000 "For Dummies" books that have been published.  Here's how Wikipedia defines the books:   "For Dummies is an extensive series of instructional / reference books which are...
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Staging Your Home May Be Tax Deductible

It's that time of year and people are working on filing their taxes.  If you did sell your house last year and paid to have the home staged, don't forget to discuss...
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Pull Up Your Carpet

I visited a client this week who is thinking about putting her Mother's home on the market.  It's a 1958 Rambler and is really nice.  As we walked around the home,...
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