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How to create a pet-friendly house

As most designers will tell you, your lifestyle should always factor into the design of your home. Seeing that your pet is inevitably a part of that lifestyle, you should...
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How To Open Your Dining Room Up To Your Kitchen

As we approach Thanksgiving and the end of the year holiday season, I thought it would be great to re-share this article as we all make more time to gather...
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Go Slow to Go Faster

    I remember a contractor friend of mine in Oregon, Paul Winans, once told me, “You have to go slow to go faster.” I was much younger then, so...
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The True Cost of Remodeling

                                       In seventeen years of doing remodeling, no one has ever said, “Wow! That costs less than I had expected, let’s add to the plan” Often homeowners don’t really...
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Leading with Design

  A friend of mine moved, from Minnesota to Texas, a few months ago and bought a house. She connected with a local remodeling contractor and proceeded to do a...
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Why spend money and time on training programs?

Most businesses, mine included, rely on other people to deliver on the promises that a company makes to its clients, employees, and subcontractors. Most businesses also spend an inordinate amount...
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Teamwork : Many consumers of home renovation projects don’t realize that the difference between a good remodel and an awesome remodel is in teamwork.
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Uncommon Courtesy

I was in a discussion with a business owner last week, he is in the asphalt driveway business.  He was a bit disgruntled about a client who just finished a...
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