I would guess that in any organization, a culture
of teamwork is a key ingredient to getting the best results. In the home
renovation business this is probably doubly true.

Have you ever walked into a house and thought
“Gosh, there is something about this house that is not quite right” or
“I wonder why they did that”? Many consumers of home renovation projects
don’t realize that the difference between a good remodel and an awesome
remodel is in teamwork. Many of these consumers feel that they have to
settle for a mediocre look or a not well thought out layout, because the
cool eye catching looks or great layouts are not in their budget.

The difference between the mediocre look and the eye catching look, is more about good teamwork, than anything else. The more points of view and the more different thought processes that are available in a project, the more dynamic and exciting the outcome will be. To do a well-executed renovation project takes right brain skills and left brain skills. Very few people are able to use the left and right brain equally well.

Teamwork can also create an environment where new ideas can produce stellar results, and lower the costs of producing those results.

To create a culture of teamwork, follow these steps:

  • Create an environment where people are comfortable sharing ideas – this includes your customers
  • Encourage everyone to truly listen – listen without the intent to respond
  • Encourage open-mindedness – don’t be afraid to try new ideas as a team – great things can happen when new ideas are presented

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Mike Otto, Fair and Square Remodeling

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Mike Otto is owner and CEO of Fair & Square Remodeling. His goal is to provide homeowners a full-service remodeling company with a team of the most trusted and skilled designers, artisans and craftsmen in the Twin Cities area.

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