Treats Cereal Bar and Boba… a new kind of ice cream shop


I first noticed Treats Cereal Bar & Boba when we stopped at Punch Neapolitan Pizza across the street a few months ago and munched our lunch at the bar overlooking the street. I love homemade ice cream and my eyes lit up when I saw this shop that we hadn’t visited before that had ‘ICE CREAM’ on the window but it was cold outside, before the coronavirus shutdown, and cereal really isn’t my thing so I didn’t give it much thought… must be why I missed it when it opened last year.

John has been working on a list of ice cream shops in the Twin Cities which we will post in the coming weeks, and one day he announced we were going on a field trip to an ice cream shop we hadn’t visited before. When we parked on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul I still didn’t have an idea of where we were going… then I saw it!

Treats Cereal Bar and Boba opened at 770 Grand Avenue in 2019, close to Grand Ole Creamery which has been there for 35 years. No worries about competition… instead of making homemade ice cream varieties, Treats offers concoctions that combine cereal like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes with plain ice cream. A special machine grinds the cereal down, and creates dessert mixtures to order in cones, milkshakes or bowls.


John chose their Bonfire Treat waffle… like breakfast and dessert rolled into one. They have a wide selection of treats, boba drinks and more… check out their menu!

My love is for homemade ice cream rather than for cereal treats and waffle desserts, and as I was puzzling over what to order they suggested simply grinding fresh raspberries with ice cream to create a refreshing soft serve ice cream. I applaud them for noticing my struggle and offering a delicious option not on the menu!

They asked if I wanted it in a dish, but I chose a salted blue corn cone, one of their variety of colorful cone flavors. It was a hot day and we sat inside while John ate his waffle. I wasn’t done with my cone yet, thought I would eat the rest as we walked back to our car about a block away. That was when I realized why he asked if I wanted it in a dish… we hadn’t even made it to the sidewalk in front of the shop before it started dripping down my hand… summer is here in full force!

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