Ice Cream at Selma’s in Afton, Minnesota


Recently we took a journey to Afton Minnesota. I had worked  in Lakeland for a couple of years, it was fun discovering new things as well as old comfortable places. The town was built along the west shore of St. Croix Lake, which is a widened stretch of the of the St Croix River. I remembered the marina… many boats were still dry docked and wrapped in blue plastic like a birthday present waiting to be opened. Even on dry land they looked majestic and huge!

These boats reminded me of the one sail boat adventure I had. This is my description of the event:

While at a conference in San Francisco I had the opportunity to ride on a sailboat boat. A group of us chartered a short ride on a sail boat. Before we started the captain took a look at me, a large guy, and said you’re to sit here! While out on the bay he turned the rudder to catch a brisk wind for the more speed. As it turned out (though he didn’t tell us when he was seating us) I ended up at the bottom of a tower of six of my new friends when the boat tilted steeply. I’m a big guy so I could handle it, but really – at 45 degrees tilt (though it seemed like 89 degrees). My feet were inches away to the water, I thought for sure we were going to die! The boat was flying! I’ll bet traveling at 100 mph! And I’m NOT exaggerating! Really!

Any way. Getting back to Afton, we ate at the Afton Inn, then wandered down to Selma’s Ice Cream shop. Most of us ordered from the outside window because Covid restrictions allowed only a few inside at a time. Fabulous ice cream and novelties inside. We also stopped by a wonderful small shop called Dwell. We bought a nice wooden bowl and some baby gift stuff and a cute dishtowel. The saying on it was something like: Trees are plants, right and some trees grow cocoa (chocolate). so chocolate is a salad. Right?!  . . . Think about it.

You should drive over to Afton soon, in the summer especially. Super nice small town, warm and friendly. Check on store hours during the weekdays though, on Saturday it was super! Go there!

John Hensrud, RE/MAX Results HomesMSP Team

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I love connecting with people and exploring cities, buildings, and communities... which led me to degrees in architecture and city planning. Now working with Sharlene, my wife of more than 50 years, I get to put it all together to help people navigate housing alternatives.

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