Top 20 Home Inspection Photos from 2014

We share our favorite home inspection photos on our Facebook page and our Google+ Page with a feature we started back in 2009, called the Photo of the Day.   Sometimes we make a game out of the photos, asking what's wrong in the photo.  Other times, the defects are quite obvious.  I've poured over all of our photos from the past year, and I've put together the Top 20 home inspection photos from the past year.  Enjoy!

Don't tuck your raincoat into your rain pants 

Valley under ridge shingles

Upside-Down Snorkel - that metal thing in the middle of the photo is always installed with the opening facing down.  How does water not get in there?  Snorkel is an unofficial term, but we like it.

Upside-Down Snorkel

Tree in Attic, Holding Stuff Up

Tree in attic

Toilet in Kitchen - yes, it's functional.  Yes, it blocks access to the drawers and the sink base.  No, we didn't "test" it.

Toilet in kitchen

Stacked Box

Stacked Box

C-clamp pipe repair - we're not crazy about saddle valves to start with.

Saddle valve crimped line

Re-purposed radon fan

Repurposed radon fan

Not a Loop Vent - island vents are used at island sinks, and they're perfectly legal.  Because the vent makes a loop to the underside of the countertop, sometimes people call them loop vents.  Someone must have heard that term and then took a stab at it, but this doesn't come close.  The Family Handyman web site has an excellent cutaway photo showing how an island vent is supposed to be installed: Island Vent Photo

Not a loop vent

Missing drain, smart water

Missing Drain at laundry sink


Melted Outlet Face

Hot Flush

Hot Toilet

"And… that's how you like to support your deck?"

Bad deck support (loose beam)

All hail the electric panel

Holy Electric Panel

Nobody's gonna see it behind the fridge

Hardwood floor repairs

Safety First

Handrail on roof

If one is good, four is… gooder?

Four Filters

Smells like cooked mice.

Cooked mice in furnace

"…Folgers in your duct"

Coffee Can Ductwork

Bowed Deck

Bowed Deck


Pinhole Leak - this has been leaking for a long, long, long time.

Copper joint calcified

"Call us if the mountains turn blue" - from our recent caption contest.  This winning caption was submitted by Eric Aune.

Coors roll-out shield

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Reuben is a second-generation home inspector with a passion for his work. He grew up remodeling homes and learning about carpentry since he was old enough to hold a hammer. Reuben grew up thinking he was going to be a school teacher because he enjoyed teaching others so much. In a sense, that’s a lot of what home inspections are about, so Reuben truly does what he loves. Sharlene has worked with Structure Tech since 2000 and Reuben has been contributing to her blog since 2008.

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