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Buying a stucco home? Heads up.

It’s no secret that stucco homes have had a ton of water problems during the last few decades. This all started here in Minnesota at the end of the 1980s,...
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How Accurate is Exterior Moisture Testing?

The sellers of the home questioned the accuracy of my report and hired another company to re-test the house. This other company did their testing from the interior rather than...
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Minnesota Stucco Repairs: Case Study #3, Full-Tear Off and Redo

For this third part, I'll be discussing a home that had the stucco completely torn off, and the entire house re-sided with fiber cement siding.
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Minnesota Stucco Repairs: Case Study #2, Moderate Repairs

stucco repairs can be categorized as "minimal", "moderate", or "full replacement". In last weeks blog post, I discussed a retrofit stucco repair which I consider "minimal"... not to be confused...
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Buying a newer stucco home in Minnesota? You need invasive moisture testing.

If you plan to buy a newer stucco home in Minnesota, heads up: stucco homes in Minnesota built since the late 80′s or so have had a nasty history of...
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Stucco: Invasive Testing vs IR Scanning

I've heard of home inspectors in Minnesota offering infrared scans on stucco homes as an attractive non-invasive alternative to standard invasive moisture testing.  Here at Structure Tech, we recently started...
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