Staging Fun!

We've staged several houses lately and it's been so much fun!  We've done some empty houses and some that have been on the market and needed help. Tomorrow, we're staging...
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It’s Not Empty Anymore and It Sold!!!

Last week I showed you "before" pictures of an empty house we were staging.  It turned out so well! This is a great home and a little furniture really helped…..the...
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Who knew a sofa and bed would make the difference?

This is a pretty impressive staging story about a house that had been on the market about a month with tons of showings but no offers. It's a really cute...
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Should a Home be on the Market During the Holidays?

I just got a call from a Client who is taking her home off the market "for the holidays".  Her house has been on the market for a little while,...
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Staging For Your Target Market – Part 2

I was asked to look at a home in West Bloomington last week. It had been on the market for quite awhile and there is a new Realtor taking over.  Not...
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How important is ‘condition and staging’?

In addressing the question, 'Why isn't my home selling?', condition and staging can play a very important role. People are more aware than ever of the importance of condition and...
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Staging For Your Target Market

There are a lot of different degrees of staging.  The number one rule is to stage to your target market.  As an example, I recently worked on a nice home...
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