Getting ready to sell? A case study of how strategic updates and staging can pay off

With strong prices, rising interest rates and increased competition from more homes coming on the market, preparing your home for sale is more important than ever. Often the first things...
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Is staging your home really worth it?

I am meeting with a seller this morning to make decisions about flooring, painting and staging before her house hits the market. She has already had one potential buyer take...
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But I Love My Themed House!

What is a ‘themed’ house and is it okay? A themed house is one that fits a very specific decorating motif. Such as a beach theme, or a desert theme....
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Think your house would be perfect for a first-time homebuyer? Tips for appealling to Millennials

You have no doubt heard about the importance of staging… light, decluttered and sparkling clean. If you are targeting the generation born between 1980 and 1995, here are some other...
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If there is such a shortage of homes for sale do I really need to stage my home to sell it?

Good question. The answer is no, you don't have to do anything to put your home on the market… it is always your option how you prepare your home for...
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But my pictures and collectibles are what make my house a home… why should I put them away when I am getting ready to sell?

Good question!  Often the most difficult part of getting a home ready for sale is transforming it from a 'home' into a 'house'… ready for a buyer to transform into their new...
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Why aren’t there any pictures of the bathrooms?

When doing a photo shoot for a new listing recently the sellers asked why we were taking so many pictures. The home wasn't that big, why take so many pictures?...
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Staging… the final step in preparing your home for sale

All the preparations you did in the first 3 steps of preparing your home for sale… Decluttering, getting rid of your stuff Fixups, inspections, painting, etc Cleaning …were leading up...
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