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Buying a home is more than 30% cheaper than renting for many Millennials

When I met with a woman to talk about getting their home ready to sell recently, she said that their son is following in his sister's footsteps… now also talking...
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Where is the rental market heading into 2016?

Vacancy rates for rental housing nationwide were at a 20-year low this year. It should come as no surprise that is primarily because of increasing demand and low inventory… and...
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5 Financial Reasons Harvard says it Makes Sense to Buy a Home

A new paper on homeownership recently released by Eric Belsky, Managing Director of the Joint Center of Housing Studies at Harvard University, gives five financial reasons people should consider buying...
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The Ultimate Rent vs. Buy Calculator

The recently updated New York Times rent vs buy calculator raises the bar. According to Jack Guttentag, a mortgage expert who has dozens of calculators on his website, this is...
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Reasons to buy a home instead of renting

Home ownership has been the American Dream for many people for years.  However it's not for everyone.  Some people are more comfortable knowing they can give a 30 day notice...
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Twin Cities price-to-rent ratio

Last year I did a post on how the price-to-rent ratio clearly pointed to buying over renting, with a ratio of 11.36. When a client texted me last week  to...
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New York and Minneapolis… top 2 cities where it makes more sense to buy than rent

Minneapolis has long been second only to New York City in the arts… now we can add housing to the list. New York has consistently had high rents, but it...
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Relocating to the Twin Cities? Does it make more sense to rent or buy?

If you are planning a move to the Twin Cities, it makes sense to buy rather than rent from a financial standpoint based on the price-to-rent ratio… but that doesn't necessarily...
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