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Q&A: should the air exchanger be on or off during a radon test?

When conducting a short-term radon test, should the air exchanger be running or not? Great question. I’ve heard it argued both ways. If a home is designed to have an...
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Radon Testing Clowns

the number of unqualified folks conducting radon tests has also increased. Just like home inspections, there are no licensing requirements and no training requirements for radon testing in Minnesota.
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Radon Testing: Should You Rely on The Seller’s Test?

"Two months ago the seller had another buyer inspect the home. The radon test came back at 1.8. Does this need to be done again? Thanks!"
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Radon test tampering: I hope this was an innocent mistake

I don't know how it happened, and I'm not accusing anyone of intentionally doing something that's completely despicable, but it looks like someone intentionally tampered with a radon test.
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Why Test For Radon?

If you're buying a home in Minnesota, get it tested for radon.  There are two reasons I give for having radon tested; lung cancer and money. A few quick facts...
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Could My Radon Monitor Be Broken?

One of the more awkward conversations that I had with a home seller this year dealt with a high radon test at his home in Minnesota.  We performed a radon...
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Six Things To Consider Before Testing For Radon On The Home You’re Buying

If you're buying a house in Minnesota and you want to have the home tested for radon before buying it, there are a few items that the EPA recommends considering...
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