infrared inspections

Using an infrared camera to identify an overloaded circuit

We include infrared inspections along with our home inspection. We stopped charging extra for this service many years ago and simply incorporated it into our standard inspections because we find...
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Home Inspections and Infrared Cameras

My infrared camera is definitely the coolest home inspection toy tool that I own. I can bust my dog for sitting on the couch, prove to my kids that they're...
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Buying a newer stucco home in Minnesota? You need invasive moisture testing.

If you plan to buy a newer stucco home in Minnesota, heads up: stucco homes in Minnesota built since the late 80′s or so have had a nasty history of...
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Invasive Moisture Testing on Stucco, Revisited

I recently wrote a blog about invasive testing vs infrared scanning on stucco homes, and concluded that invasive moisture testing is the only reliable test method for stucco homes.  I received quite a...
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Stucco: Invasive Testing vs IR Scanning

I've heard of home inspectors in Minnesota offering infrared scans on stucco homes as an attractive non-invasive alternative to standard invasive moisture testing.  Here at Structure Tech, we recently started...
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“One Home Inspection Please, and an Infrared Scan On The Side.”

We've been using an infrared camera at random home inspections for the past several months, and we've decided that this is by far the coolest home inspection tool in the...
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