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Ice Dam Prevention From The Exterior

It's not always cost effective to fix the problems that are causing the ice dams - the 'repairs' might outweigh the costs of controlling the ice dams, and even if...
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Ice Dam Removal

There are plenty of 'hack' methods of ice dam removal out there, so I decided to blog about them. The methods I'm going to discuss involve an axe, ice pick,...
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Poorly Insulated Eaves at Old Houses

Old houses never had enough insulation at the eaves because they weren't constructed to allow for enough insulation here. Thankfully, there's a decent workaround for this on old homes.
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Powered Attic Fans? Don’t Waste Your Money.

Unfortunately, lots of people claim that inadequate attic ventilation causes ice dams, which leads people to do all kinds of crazy stuff to get more air flowing in to their...
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How To Get Rid Of Ice Dams

While I've already written about how to prevent ice dams from happening, I've found that I get far more inquiries about how to get rid of ice dams.   There are plenty...
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