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Life Transitions & The ‘Kinky Slinky’

When we talk about life transitions we often talk about our life line, but that feels so flat and static and horizontal. Thanks to insights gained from transitions life coach...
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Qualifying for your mortgage

After reading recent news articles, many prospective homebuyers are surprised how easy it is to qualify for home financing today.  It’s the job of a loan officer to help you...
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Home Inspections for Home Sellers, Part Two

As mentioned last week, many cities in the metro area require inspections prior to listing a house for sale.  This week, we’ll talk about some of the most common repair...
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Changing Spaces

It seems like I am almost continually reminded of how often we make transitions in our lives…and how our housing needs change accordingly. Often times it isn’t really a need...
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Staging….It’s Important!!

Cindy Thomes and I (Jeri Pischke) are Certified Home Stagers and own Tender Heart Transitions. The definition of "Staging" is simply to prepare your home for sale.  The way you...
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The Taxman Cometh…homeowner benefits

As I was out reviewing a property for a client this afternoon I saw the above sign and was reminded that some of the benefits of home ownership come at...
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The value of a good credit score.

A good credit score has always been important, but today it’s more valuable than ever. In the past, if you were getting a mainstream conforming conventional mortgage (not sub-prime), the...
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Common Buyer Questions

Buyers often do not fully understand the role a real estate agent plays in the homebuying process. Here are answers to some common questions. Why use a Realtor to help...
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Home Inspections for Home Sellers, Part One

If you’re planning on selling a home in the Minneapolis or Saint Paul area, there is a good chance you will need to have a home inspection done before you...
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Where do I begin? …for buyers

Whether you are buying your first home or any one thereafter, the process starts in the same place…assessing what is available for sale that fits your needs and how much...
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