Top #feelgoodfriday home inspection photos from 2023

Happy New Year! It’s been a few years since we shared our top “Feel Good” home inspection photos, but we had a ton of them to share this year. These were all things that made us smile. If you like this kind of thing, please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.

9-Gang switch plate cover No cheap snap-together covers for these people. Very fancy. But they forgot to clock one of the screws! Noooo! Do you see it? Also, labels would be nice.

9-gang switch plate cover

56 switches This takes the record for the most switches in one place. There were 56 switches, and 52 were clearly labeled. This home had a low-voltage wiring system, where 120 volts were supplied to the lights, but low-voltage wiring was used throughout the home to switch the lights on and off, using a system of relays. These systems are usually very messy and complicated, but this one was just complicated. The home was built in the 1940s, so someone put a lot of effort into rewiring the entire house this way. Wow.

Tons of switches in one place

Bath fan vented down We love this detail. Instead of venting the bath fan up through the roof, the builder is venting it down through the rim space and out the side of the house. This reduces the potential for condensation in the duct because it doesn’t have to travel through a large unheated space. Also, the vent terminal won’t be melting a bunch of snow on the roof, which can contribute to ice dams. Also, you won’t have the potential for the duct to accidentally become disconnected in the attic, turning it into a frosty wonderland. There are many good reasons to do it this way, but it’s rarely done.

Bath fan vented down

Don Knotts fixes concrete If Don Knotts can fix concrete, you can too. We had no idea he was such a Renaissance man until we stumbled across this book.

Don Knotts does concrete

Helpful notes The seller for this home left us these very helpful notes. Thank you, we love you.

Helpful note 1
Helpful note 2
Helpful note 3
Helpful note 4

Magic Eye If you focus on one spot…you’ll see it.

Magic Eye (painted wall)

Clearly labeled switch there’s no mistaking the purpose of this switch.

Obvious service switch

Clearly labeled (?) pull chains there’s no mistaking the purpose of these pull chains.

Pull chain ends

Railroad track handrails strongest ever.

Railroad track handrails

Reduce, reuse, recycle great use of old refrigerator shelves.

Repurposed refrigerator shelves

We just had to fix this We usually don’t fix stuff, but we couldn’t help ourselves on this house. The water heater was backdrafting like crazy because the vent cover was installed so low that it blocked the vent entirely. We kindly raised the vent cover a little bit (note the paint line), and the water heater started drafting fine.

Restrictive vent cap

Nice attic access The home buyer wanted a shelf here and the builder wanted the attic access right above it. So the builder made a nice hinged shelf just for us home inspector-type people. To top it off, the builder used a SkuttleTight attic access system. We love everything about this.

Shelf 1
Shelf 2
Shelf 3

Spiral stairway this was the only stairway in the house.

Spiral Stairway

Stainless steel throne

Stainless steel throne

How to identify a triple-pane window

Triple-pane window

One for adults, one for kids

Two handrails
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