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When I take a step back from my day-to-day activity and think about what I can do to have the biggest impact on my business, I believe it all comes down to personal growth. My business will never get bigger than me. If I want my business to grow, I must grow. To work on personal growth, I intentionally spend time with people who are wiser than me, and I listen to a ton of audiobooks. I made a conscious decision back in 2015 to spend way less time listening to podcasts and way more time listening to audiobooks, and I’ve learned a lot in the process. I think I’ve grown a lot in the process, too.

But back to what moves the needle. While personal growth is important, I believe that growth for the rest of my team comes next. Part of my job as a leader is to help the people on my team become larger versions of themselves. I encourage the people on my team to read personal improvement books, and I’ve shared a lot of what I’ve learned with my team. During meetings with my company, I would frequently share my notes with my team, attempting to help everyone else in their own personal growth journeys.

At the end of last year, I decided that this wasn’t a good use of our meeting times. It was all one-way communication. If I’m simply going to share information, I can do that with a video. So I committed to recording short, hand-crafted book summaries for the people on my team at Structure Tech. Since December, I’ve recorded over 30 book summaries, and I’ve shared these all with my team. I set a goal for myself to record 40 book summaries for my team in 2021, and I’m on track to smash that number.

I shared a couple of these book summaries publicly on my Facebook page, but I have the rest of these marked as Unlisted on YouTube, which means you can’t find the video if you don’t have the link, and they don’t show up on my YouTube page. But my business coach challenged me to make these videos public, so that’s what I’m doing. If you’d like to subscribe to my book summary channel, you can do it here:

Also, here’s a list of the books that I’ve reviewed so far, along with links. Enjoy.

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Reuben is a second-generation home inspector with a passion for his work. He grew up remodeling homes and learning about carpentry since he was old enough to hold a hammer. Reuben grew up thinking he was going to be a school teacher because he enjoyed teaching others so much. In a sense, that’s a lot of what home inspections are about, so Reuben truly does what he loves. Sharlene has worked with Structure Tech since 2000 and Reuben has been contributing to her blog since 2008.

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