Blue Sun Soda and Sweets Shop… carrying 1,100 varieties of craft soda!

Picture, if you would, a grocery style store, maybe 150 feet long. Now picture four aisles of shelving with thousands of unique sodas on both sides. That's Blue Sun Soda and Sweets Shop.

Blue sun soda1

Crazy crafted sodas from hundreds of root beers to odd little-known flavors and labels. For "yours truly" this was a fabulous find! I bet I spent nearly an hour there. I only bought 14 different flavors just to taste them. The ones I like I'll go back and get more.

Though this is a gem you should experience, it is a bit off the main lines of travel. It is on old Hwy 10 at 1625 County Highway 10, Spring Lake Park, MN

Their shop carries more than 1,100 different kinds of soda. Here are pictures of a few sodas that I bought.

John Bought Theses (2)

Our granddaughter LOVED the Mr. Q Cumber soda I bought for her. She'll sit and eat a whole celery stick or cucumber in minutes.

They also have old time sweets, like PEZ in too many flavors. I bought two rolls of the old Necco wafers. However, I can't endorse you buying them – they are deliciously decadent  and addictive. You really can't can't stop eating them.

For Family Night – one of our families really likes Harry Potter books. We even tried making "butter beer" from the Harry Potter series for our grandson's birthday.  Well, Flying Cauldron’s Butterscotch Beer is a wonderful copy of that drink. It tastes marvelous. We all agreed.

Blue sun soda 2
I chose to taste Dragon's Drool as my first sample – it was licorice flavor and not too bad. Our son tried the MacFuddy's Pepper Elixer, kind of like Dr. Pepper but spicier. I will buy more of that! I'm anxious to try the Lester Fixins Buffalo Wings Soda!

The store is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. the rest of the week.

With some exceptions, sodas cost $2.49 per bottle, $2.29 apiece when buy a dozen and $1.99 each as part of a case. You can mix and match flavors.

Have fun and bon appetit!

John Hensrud

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