Animals, Skeletons, and Creepy Stuff Encountered During Home Inspections

If you've been following our Facebook Page every day for the past four-and-a-half years, you've already seen most of these photos.  Halloween seems like a good time to re-share these.  Unlike most of our blog posts, this one has no educational value whatsoever.   These are just for fun.

Warning: Some of these photos have a high 'yuck' factor.  If you don't want to see a floating mouse, don't scroll down.

Baby bunny trapped in a window well.  Yes, we rescued him.

Baby bunny in window well

Spotted Salamander trapped in a window well.  Yes, we rescued him.  I think.  This was many years ago.

Spotted Salamander

This was a squirrel living in the wall of a vacant Category II property in Saint Paul.  I extended my tape measure and poked it just to be sure.  It was definitely living.

Squirrel in wall

Aww…cute!  A baby squirrel in an attic.  Now GET OUT.

Squirrel in attic

We found this albino squirrel keeping warm inside of a chimney.

Squirrel in chimney

This squirrel skeleton made me wonder why I don't find more skeletons.

Squirrel skeleton

Yep, it's a bat in a bedroom.  We encountered this bat while doing a TISH evaluation in Minneapolis at a bank-owned property with a broken window.  Our inspection of this room was very brief 🙂


Why did this owner keep animal jaw bones in their kitchen cabinet?  Good question.

Jaw bones

When I told the buyer about the chipmunk remains in this knee-wall attic, he quickly 'shushed' me to make sure his wife didn't hear.  Good plan.


We find mice getting stuck in the darndest of places.

Mouse stuck in roof capMouse in panel

Mouse stuck in roofMouse stuck in siding

We got a floaterMouse trapped in window

Three Dead Mice

Is this mouse not the fattest, happiest mouse you've ever seen?  There was a huge bag of spilled, half-eaten bird seed in the garage.

Fat mouse and bird seed

Lots of home buyers ask us how often they should clean the moths out of their light fixtures, and we tell 'em "as needed".

Ok, nobody has really ever asked us that.  But still.

Moth filled light

Soffit bone.

Soffit Bone

Creepy white spider in a crawl space.  What makes this happen?  No idea.


Finally, here's a super creepy video that Milind took.

I'll get back to something more educational next week.

Author: Reuben Saltzman, Structure Tech Home Inspections


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Reuben is a second-generation home inspector with a passion for his work. He grew up remodeling homes and learning about carpentry since he was old enough to hold a hammer. Reuben grew up thinking he was going to be a school teacher because he enjoyed teaching others so much. In a sense, that’s a lot of what home inspections are about, so Reuben truly does what he loves. Sharlene has worked with Structure Tech since 2000 and Reuben has been contributing to her blog since 2008.

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