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BeataCAT2r Are you stuck in a rut in some aspect of your life?   It is true that one small shift in perspective can result in significant change in your life.  I know this is true because I see it happen all the time with my coaching clients.  If you can't change or control your circumstances, consider changing your perspective instead.

The first step is to recognize the things over which you DO have control, and those you do not.  Are you trying to change things that are outside your realm of control?   You can't change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails (a famous quote from I don't know where!)

Similar to other aspects of life, you can start your perspective shift right at home.  If you've begun to clear your clutter, which I wrote about in my March blog, then shifting your perspective is a good next step.  When you achieve success with small steps, you're ready to move on to bigger things.

For a fresh perspective, try just one of these 5 ideas:

  1. Re-arrange your furniture. My son and daughter-in-law recently re-arranged nearly every room in their home.  They swapped the living room and family room furniture, and re-arranged the bedrooms as well. Voila!  Things now look more spacious and inviting.
  2. Switch your rooms.  I have a friend who swapped their den and dining room spaces.  Now their den is a cozy spot and they have more room for entertaining.
  3. Take down all your pictures/artwork and hang them someplace else.  After your artwork has been hanging up for a while, you may start to pass  by it without noticing.  Take it down and hang it someplace else, so you can appreciate it as you did when you first got it.  It might look even better in a different room!
  4. Edit your plants or move them to another spot.  I used to try to nurse a lot of house plants.  All it did was make me feel guilty for neglecting them.  Now I have just two large plants, each one makes a statement in the room in which it's placed.
  5. Splurge on some fresh flowers.  Need I say more?

Success with these small shifts in perspective will build the confidence you need to tackle something bigger the next tim

Good luck!  Has anyone seen my rose-colored glasses?

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  • Freedom from Clutter: Sooner or Later
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