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Chicago48sign1v_7Just how long the corner of 48th & Chicago in the Nokomis area of south Minneapolis has been a community business center I don't really know…but I know it's been a long time. The 48th & Chicago Business Alliance includes restaurants, retail stores, services and a theater, all of which join together to host an annual Fall Festival…this year taking place on Saturday, September 13th.

Located just a few blocks north of Minnehaha Creek, it's a great place to stop as part of a walk or bike ride along the 5.8 mile parkway trail that makes its way along the creek from Lake Harriet to Minnehaha Falls.

We first learned to know 48th & Chicago about 20 years ago when we discovered Pepito's Restaurant, once called "the best Mexican restaurant in the Universe" by Jerry Seinfeld. Its dining booths have little plaques naming 'famous' people who sat there…while some are notable names, others may be more of a stretch but it's still fun…after all, we're all famous to someone in our lives!


In those early days we visited regularly as our son became  involved in fencing classes at the Minnesota Sword Club. He and my husband also helped an old family acquaintance move his expansive rare book collection to start the "Out of Print Book Shop" in the area. I don't remember exactly which eatery has now taken its place between the outstanding Turtle Bread Company and Parkway Hardware, but it's fun to think it may have been in what is now Pumphouse Creamery…it seems a good trade to exchange rare books for rare all-natural ice cream using local organic ingredients.


This corner is at the edge of the Northrop community of Minneapolis. I had an open house yesterday afternoon in this community and several neighbors stopped in to say how much they loved living there. I have had clients who specifically hoped to buy within walking distance of 48th & Chicago. I understand why…I had to stop by myself for a delicious Turtle Bread sandwich and Pumphouse ice cream cone while I was in the neighborhood.


Click here to see properties currently for sale in and around this part of the Nokomis area of Minneapolis. It was developed in the early 1900's and is dotted with tudors and craftsman bungalows. (Please be patient while the link searches for the most current listings…pass your cursor over the dots on the map for property information.)

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