Rent vs Buy

Should you buy or rent? things to consider, plus the best rent calculator

With rising interest rates, inflation, and high home prices, the dilemma of whether to rent or buy can haunt potential buyers more than ever. You can read about both sides...
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National median rent increased 17.8% in 2021… avoid the rent trap in 2022!

Why is this couple so happy? They just closed on buying their first home and can hardly wait to move out of their apartment… and avoid the rent trap in...
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Which one is better? Townhouse vs House vs Condo vs Apartment

Deciding where to hang your hat can be difficult when there are so many options and variables to consider. Should you rent? Should you apply for a mortgage? City or...
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Should you keep renting or buy a home?

With interest rates staying low and rent increasing, many renters are thinking about buying a home. Buying a home is a major decision and it may or may not be...
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Twin Cities Market Update 11/6/2020… factors to consider if you are thinking about buying

ShowingTime is experiencing a technical issue so current stats are not accessible right now but the chart above  at least gives an indication of what has been happening this year....
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Historical cost of renting vs buying

Wondering whether it makes more sense to buy or rent? There are many factors to consider, but from a purely financial standpoint, the average percentage of income needed to afford...
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My Property Taxes Increased, But I Disagree With the Assessed Value. Now What?

According to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, “Each spring your county sends you a Notice of Valuation and Classification. Three factors that affect your tax bill are: The amount your...
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