Weekly real estate market update 11/4/22… making first real estate purchase investment property

Showings continue to decline as expected as new listings continue to fall, not even trying to catch up with the number of showings that were about the same for the...
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Owning More Than One Home… has its perks

Whether your ideal second home is on a northern lake or in the warm and sunny desert or somewhere else, the last few years have fed the desire to own...
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Home values are skyrocketing… is it time to stop paying PMI?

Home values are skyrocketing! If you bought your home in the last 5 years with conventional financing and less than a 20% down payment there is a good chance you...
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Minneapolis Neighborhoods – median prices

Trying to figure out which Minneapolis neighborhoods could be the best fit for you? The list following the map below of Minneapolis Communities and Neighborhoods groups the neighborhoods into their better...
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Yes, you can close on the sale of your house and buy your duplex the same day!

This young family is taking a breather, surrounded by moving boxes after a busy day transitioning from owning a house to owning a duplex! They bought a duplex contingent upon...
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Owning rental property… are you ready to become a landlord?

Clients have been becoming landlords lately… both by buying property specifically to rent and by keeping their current home as a rental after buying a new home for themselves. Becoming...
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Are you thinking about buying an investment property?

Buying real estate can be a great investment, whether it’s your primary residence, a second home or an investment property. Maybe you want to buy a home, fix it up...
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Buying Condemned Properties in Minneapolis-St. Paul… the process and the potential

Guest post by ERIK DWYER My client, Erik Dwyer, recently closed on his first condemned property purchase. He did so much research and taught me so much during the process...
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