Cossetta’s – A Real Italian Adventure! “Qualita di Vita Cibo Buono”


We visited Cossetta’s on 7th Street last week. As I considered how to introduce the topic of Cossetta’s, I thought of “unique”, “individual”, “distinctive”, all of which work, but I decided to use the contemporary English term of “one off”. It is truly a “one off” experience of Italy itself!

Cossetta’s claims this descriptor “Qualita di Vita Cibo Buono” that means “good food, the quality of life”. Italian food it is, but much much more!

Michael Cossetta settled into St. Paul from Calabria, Italy in the late 1800’s. He started a little grocery store in 1911 that grew and grew through great customer service and quality products. The result is the long established and well known Cossetta’s store with its grand reputation on 7th Street! That’s over one hundred years of serving people of the Twin Cities!

When you come to Cossetta’s in St Paul be prepared to find fine food and a dabber’s delight in an Italian marketplace. Pastries, soups, breads, sweets and sundries and more. Plan to spend an extra 20-40 minutes when you go to eat. During lunch hour there are long lines for food pickup, but everyone is patient to get great food.


Their food is wonderful and quite varied. You can eat a la carte or at the ristorante “Louis” all inside a large newly redesigned two story space. It’s way more than just food!

Additionally, the shops have many historic items to bring back memories and conversations. You have to go back many times to experience all that Cossetta’s offers.

So, you might see the title of Cossetta’s Alimentari – what does that exotic term mean? Simply, it means “comestible” or “foodstuff”.

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