Grateful for Long Range Visionaries

We don't often think about how things got the way they are. It all comes about through regular citizens like you and me who have a heart and vision for the future. Sometimes development comes to make money, but sometimes it comes from a desire for community. Simple and safe community.

For years in our democracy we have elected people to help mange our environment and community with the values we have in our hearts. These folks are our representatives in city/county/state/national government. They gather our dreams and declarations and develop our community. They enact laws and hire people to make sure our community is safe and secure, but also visionary.

Security often comes in the form of plans for the future. It's knowing that pieces of the future puzzle move into place smoothly and timely. 

Sure, sometimes individuals impose their visions on others, but for the most part our communities blend ideas for the good of all. To envision all this, take a look at downtown Minneapolis. How did pieces of that puzzle come together? 

Think of the design of the freeways. How did they do that? Interstate 94 comes barreling through town, but where? They know they have to come through downtown, so they thoughtfully built a tunnel to simplify the existing road system. When Wayzata Boulevard turns into I-394, how does that work? 

Yes, planning of public lands and streets have to think way out of the box. We have to think "if we build this here, what does that mean for the future of our whole community and the neighborhoods and communities around us?".

Take, for example, downtown Minneapolis. Why did the Target Center and Target Field get built where they are? How about I-394 and the traffic it brings into downtown, are those parking ramps a fluke? Did someone think that out? 

We should give a slap on the back to all those folks who knew how things should be and ought to connect with each other. How about the new football and soccer stadiums? Planning has put to life a great plan for the riverside area of downtown, which will in turn connect with the Vikings stadium and the new expansive park land west of the stadium.

Take a look at what they are planning and doing for the riverside area of downtown.

Minneapolis riverfront revitalization

Now aren't you proud to live here! (not too proud though). Consider the streets and parks around your area. Who put them there? We did!

It is thanks to visionaries that the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is ranked the #1 Urban Park System in the United States!

John Hensrud, REALTOR

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I love connecting with people and exploring cities, buildings, and communities... which led me to degrees in architecture and city planning. Now working with Sharlene, my wife of more than 50 years, I get to put it all together to help people navigate housing alternatives.

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