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I met a friend for lunch this week and she chose Milton's. Though I had been there a couple of times before, the cozy atmosphere struck me again with its odd mixture of collectibles; a crazy chandelier, lead pipe shelving, then there's a large and thick "ice room" door laid flat as a table! Also, check out the gurgling water pitchers! It was a fine place to meet and visit along with fine vittles. They specialize in scratch cooking with a soul food bent.

Milton’s is a home-grown neighborhood place to eat and socialize in Crystal at 3545 Douglas Drive North. Plopped in the middle of a wide range of commerce, you can find tropical fish, get a haircut or tattoo, pick up a pizza, or get a personal exercise "workout". Parking is at both ends of the strip.

Besides the great food there’s a comfy couch area for visiting and socializing with friends. It's a place to sip something from the coffee bar or kick back with your friends, relax while you catch up on your reading, or maybe do a little knitting. They even have board games for the kid in all of us.

For breakfast try the Stuffed French Toast.  "Real" jerk chicken is great for later in the day as well as their signature BBQ ribs. How about an asparagus and fried egg sandwich! There is so much to chose from beyond what I mentioned.

Crystal, MN is a suburb just west of Minneapolis. It doesn't have any big 'destination' draws, it is just a quiet residential community with tree-lined streets and easy access to Highway 100 and the city. Its location makes it very convenient to get to almost anywhere in the metro area.


Crystal-map1Crystal's shape is very irregular. It makes me think of a glob of dough oozing out between your fingers as it is squeezed… which is also somewhat descriptive of its history.

Crystal Lake Township started about 1860 as a swath of land stretching all the way from Plymouth (Highway 169) to the Mississippi River. Minneapolis took part of it in 1887, then Robbinsdale took another chunk of the eastern side in 1893 and New Hope took much of the western side in 1936. The Village of Crystal, what remained in the middle after the squeezes from both sides, became a city in 1960. Crystal's houses are mostly 1950's and 1960's ramblers, with some 1 1/2 and 2-story homes as well.

Average price of Crystal homes for sale (lifestyle search, needs flash) right now is $163,173, making it an affordable location for first-time homebuyers… plus it is an easy commute to downtown Minneapolis.

Let us know if you would like to check out homes for sale in Crystal (no flash needed)… we would be happy to show them to you!

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