Super simple way to clean your windows… streak free!

The easiest way to clean your windows without streaks doesn't require any cleaners, natural or otherwise… all you need is water and two cloths! When a client first introduced me to this system I was skeptical to say the least. Once I experienced it I was blown away!

Norwex-windowsThe recipe is super simple, whether cleaning windows, countertops, mirrors, glass tabletops… 

  1. Thoroughly moisten a Norwex enviro cloth with plain water
  2. Wipe window clean
  3. Polish streak free with Norwex window cloth
  4. Enjoy the sparkling view!

I have become so used to cleaning everything with just water and a cloth that I forget how revolutionary it is. An urgent plea for a window cloth from a client this week reminded me. She said she had tried using Target microfiber cloths and they just didn't do the job… they weren't the same as Norwex cloths.

What's the difference? The fibers in most microfiber cloths are about 1/10 the diameter of a human hair. Pretty amazing… but Norwex cloths are about 1/100th the size of a strand of human hair… astonishing! This means a Norwex cloth can hold about 7 times its weight in water and absorbs dirt and grease rather than just spreading it around like traditional cloths do.

Norwex-viewWhen I got home that day I noticed how dirty the patio door by my office was. Sooo… I wet an enviro cloth and grabbed a window cloth. I didn't even take a bucket of water, the wet cloth easily cleaned the door on both sides and the dry cloth cleaned it streak free in a matter of minutes. I have been smiling in amazement at it all week… keep wondering if the door is open!

I have allergies and asthma and am very sensitive to chemicals, so cleaning products are a concern for me not only environmentally but personally as well. When I discovered Norwex and learned that their mission was "improving quality of life and the health of the planet by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning" I became a rep so I could have ready access to their products… and created so I could share with others.

The cloths I use to clean windows, counters, doors are the Basic Package… available at Flip the pages of the online catalog to learn more.

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