Sell Faster……CLEAN!!

Clean houses are appealing.  They look better, and buyers assume a clean house is well cared for.  Many buyers will walk out of a dirty house without even considering purchasing.  We’re all so busy that we sometimes don’t stop to keep our own environment clean.  But when you sell your house…..remember it’s a product…..and it must be "Q-Tip clean".

Often times we forget to clean the baseboards, the floors, inside/outside of the tub, the blades of the ceiling fan, the exhaust hood above the stove and vents in the hallway.  Clean the top of the refrigerator, scour the stove, shampoo the carpets, wipe away the cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling and really clean those bathrooms.  That’s just for starters!!

Outside the house, power-wash the exterior walls, deck and driveway so they’re spotless.  Get rid of any grease on the driveway.  Paint the garage floor.

Once you’re done cleaning, ask a "persnickety friend" to come over and point out things that need attention….tell them to be honest!

If you can smell it… can’t sell it!!  Give your house the sniff test.  If you have pets, old carpeting, mildew problems, a smoker in the house, or you enjoy cooking pungent foods, these odors must be eliminated.  You may be so accustomed to these odors that you don’t notice them anymore….but they’re there and agents and buyers will notice when they visit your house. 

Ventilate your home by opening windows on opposite ends of the house.  An air-cleaning and deodorizing machine and an exhaust fan can help.  Ask that same persnickety friend how your house smells.  Burning candles can be dangerous.  It’s best to find the source of the smell and permanently remove it. 

Clean your carpets and curtains.  The expense is well worth the price.  Dark heavy curtains that overpower a room can actually be removed altogether.  Dirty windows are difficult to see through, and they give your house a poor image. 

Fireplaces need attention.  Get rid of dirty ashes, and close the fireplace screen during showings.  Rusted screens should be spray-painted black…just make sure to use heat-resistant spray paint.  If your house is on the market in the summer, when the fireplace is empty, put a lush plant in front of it or inside the firebox to add some greenery to the room.  Remove the soot from the outside of the fireplace.  Over cleaner usually works, but test it on a small, out of the way area before you use it.  If you can’t get rid of marks on the bricks, consider painting the face of the fireplace with paint made especially for brick and stone.  This can make the fireplace look bigger and better.  White semi-gloss brick paint can do miracles.

Motivation is the engine:  If you want to sell your house faster…CLEAN!!!

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