Office Glow Up: How to Upgrade Your Home Office

Our team at Rooms With Style strives to create indoor spaces that inspire. We believe that home offices shouldn’t be any different! The best spaces in the home are ones that are clean and organized, take advantage of lots of natural light, include cozy and comfortable furnishings and are styled to reflect the personality of the home owner. In this post, we are excited to show you how to transform your “ho-hum” home office into a functional space that helps improve your productivity and brings peace and beauty to your work day.

First things first… it’s important to clear the clutter in your office and add organization where its needed. Start with the top of your desk. Aim to keep your desktop about eighty percent clear, with twenty percent dedicated to your computer, an organizer or a styled element such as a plant or a small framed photo. You have our permission to find a desktop organizer that is both functional and beautiful; that can fit items such as writing utensils, note pads and the like. If you have desk drawers that can accommodate them, tuck these items away instead in order to leave more of your desktop clear.

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Choose clear containers for items that you use less often, but need to find in a hurry. Store physical paper electronically to clear up space. Next, simplify your electronic chargers, printer, and files into one central “command center.” If you have a very small office with little built in storage space, try adding a simple rolling cart to keep things tidy.

Last, give your office quick top to bottom cleaning. Dust shelving, wipe surfaces, clean window treatments, floors and baseboards. Taking these steps to clean and organize your space will really help streamline the way that you work.

Lots of natural light can really improve productivity and mental clarity. Natural light from windows in a home office space is a great asset. If your office is in a dark space like a basement or interior room, consider moving it to another place in your home with more natural light. If that isn’t an option, be sure to use a mix of task and overhead lighting to brighten your space, or consider painting the room in a light neutral color.

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To make the most of the natural light in your office, try positioning your desk so that you are directly facing a window in order to enjoy the view outdoors. Positioning your desk in this way will also help during video calls, reducing glare in your camera and brightening your face on a video call. You can also hang up a colorful piece of artwork on the wall that faces you.

Next on the list: add cozy and comfortable furnishings that enhance your office space. Start with an attractive desk chair… and make sure it’s comfortable! Lay down an area rug under your desk to add texture, soften and define your space. Pick a rug pattern that fits the style of your home and also inspires you. A neutral-colored rug in a fun pattern is always a great option.

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Pick a corner of your office and make it cozy! Add a floor lamp and hang a framed photo on the wall. If space allows, an accent chair with a throw blanket or pillow can provide a cozy place to take a phone call or take a little break during your work day.

Photo Credit: Style by Emily Henderson Blog

Last but not least: add some décor to your office including personal items that will motivate and inspire. Personal décor comes in many forms, but the rule is a simple one: just pick something that has meaning to you! Hang up your framed diplomas and certificates, or frame a family photo or an adorable picture of your pet. Lay a hand-knit blanket over your chair, or dress up your desktop with a cool vintage item that you love. Add a pop of color with an easy- care houseplant. Pick some fun modern sculptural accents to decorate your bookshelf. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to selecting a few personal items to decorate your space.

Our homes deserve to be styled, functional and personalized; and our home offices are no exception! Following these simple tips can help you make the most of your work day.

Author: Marla Carlson, RWS Guest Blogger

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Kelly Zabel is an award-winning stager, recognized nationally by the Real Estate Staging Association in 2023, 2021 and 2020. Whether new construction, remodeled, or in its original beauty, Kelly knows how difficult it is for potential buyers to imagine a home when viewing a vacant property. She loves taking an empty room, filling it with personality and comfort, and showcasing how homeowners could actually live in that space. Her natural eye for layout and design helps highlight the potential of any space.

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