Docomomo (the International Committee for the DOcumentation and COnservation of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods of the MOdern MOvement) hosts a Tour Day every fall and last weekend it featured 6 homes scattered throughout the metro. Angela and I visited all of them. I was delighted to find one of them was located in the hills in the northwest corner of I-394 and Highway 100. It's a little pocket of homes that is considered by some to have once been part of Tyrol Hills that is now divided by those highways.


I loved how they had a period automobile parked in the driveway as they often do in Palm Springs for Modernism Week. The home was built in 1953 as the personal residence of architect Curt Green, which also originally housed the HGA architecture firm in the basement. There have been 3 additions/major renovations to the original structure and the interior is now beautifully updated modern. I love that the guest bedroom has curtains you could draw on both sides of the bed, away from the windows.

My husband and I walked these hill behind Good Day Cafe not long ago, a hidden enclave of primarily mid-century homes that you aren't likely to find unless you are looking for them. Wondering where else you can find mid-century homes? Ask us… we know the metro well and love mid-century homes. There is even a stunning Ralph Rapson home that was built in 1958 as an artist cottage currently for sale overlooking Lotus Lake in Chanhassen. It was also featured on the tour so we saw it up close. Let us know if you want to know more!


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