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Home Inspections vs. Code Inspections

Home inspections are not ‘Code’ inspections, and a lot of home inspectors treat the word Code as taboo. They call it the ‘C-word’. Today I’ll share the arguments that home...
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Home Inspection Attic Finds

As home inspectors, we find a ton of crazy stuff in attics. Rodents, contraband, creepy dolls, unmentionables… it’s all here. This compilation represents our favorites finds from the past decade....
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COVID-19 and Home Inspections 4/7/20

I started listening to The Obstacle is the Way for the second time last week. That book was written for times like these, and I recommend this book to anyone...
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Negotiations after the inspection, part 2: stuff that shouldn’t be negotiated

These are things that come up during home inspections that should not lead to price reductions, nor should they lead to repair requests for the seller.
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Minnesota Home Builder Won’t Allow Attic Inspections, Reuben’s Two Cents on the Matter

I'm writing this post as somewhat of a rebuttal to that document because while many of the points made by the builder are valid, many of them aren't.
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Photos from New Construction Home Inspections, Part IV

New homes should be inspected by private home inspectors. It's been one day short of a year since my last post on new construction home inspections, so it's time for...
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How To Inspect Your Own House, Part 5: Electrical

Today I'm going to cover electrical. There is a ridiculous amount of stuff that could be covered with this topic, and a lot of it takes a lot of explaining....
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How To Inspect Your Own House, Part 4: The Rest of the Exterior

This post will cover the inspection of exterior items such items as foundation walls, vegetation, windows and doors, and vent terminals.
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