Easy Ways to Refresh Your Space for Spring

Spring is in the air friends! As the weather starts to warm and birds begin to sing again, our
team at Rooms with Style is ready to refresh our spaces in celebration of the new season. We
have some simple tips to share that will bring a fresh feel to your home – just in time for spring.

Front Entry
Our first tip is a simple one! Refreshing your entryway both outside and inside can really help
transition your home from winter to spring. Hang a spring wreath on the door or add a
pretty door mat to welcome your guests. Inside, clean your rugs and do an outerwear swap;
replacing winter gear with rain boots and umbrellas so you have what you need for spring
weather close at hand.

Photo Credit: 1111 Light Lane Blog


Update or swap out the textiles around your home. Add pillow covers that are light colored or
have a pop of bright pattern. Choose woven fabrics in linen or cotton. Switch out heavy faux fur
throw blankets for lighter cotton versions. Pull out your quilts and put away your down
comforters. Maybe splurge on a few new kitchen towels or dish cloths with pretty spring prints
that make you happy!

Photo Credit: Geometry.House

You don’t have to tell us twice to bring some fresh cut flowers home for spring! Really, anything
goes when it comes to choosing flowers or a pretty houseplant to brighten a room. What’s
great is that in the spring, you can find lots of varieties of flowers and plants locally and
affordably- even at the grocery store! We love tulips, lilies, daffodils and pussy willow branches.
If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, start there.

Photo Credit: Stone Gable Blog

Sometimes all we need to make our home feel refreshed is a different point of view! Choose
one room and try rearranging the furniture. If the room allows, take the current layout and
arrange the furniture in a mirror image. Or try creating a new space with your current furniture such as a
little reading nook with an accent chair, a small rug, a side table and a lamp. You will be amazed
at what a different layout will do to energize your space.

Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Declutter & Clean
Raise your hand if it’s time again to declutter the “junk drawer.” All hands raised over here!
Decluttering a space, even just a drawer will really boost your mood and help to refresh your
home. Take all items out of the space you are decluttering and give it a good cleaning. Then add
the items back one at a time, starting with the most used and important items first. At the same
time, pare down and donate what you don’t need or use anymore to a local charity or thrift
shop. You can also look for inexpensive organizing solutions such as drawer inserts and clear
bins that will help keep your spaces tidy!

Photo Credit: IKEA

There are so many ways to refresh your home for spring. Take it slow and enjoy the process.
Put on some music, open the windows and pick your favorite easy tip to get started. You are in
good company!

Author: Marla Carlson,
RWS Guest Blogger
Written By

Kelly Zabel is an award-winning stager, recognized nationally by the Real Estate Staging Association in 2023, 2021 and 2020. Whether new construction, remodeled, or in its original beauty, Kelly knows how difficult it is for potential buyers to imagine a home when viewing a vacant property. She loves taking an empty room, filling it with personality and comfort, and showcasing how homeowners could actually live in that space. Her natural eye for layout and design helps highlight the potential of any space.

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