Interior Design Trends that Never Go Out of Style

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, some trends stand the test of time. They have a unique ability to capture the essence of style, making them perpetually relevant in the realm of home dĂ©cor. 

The concept of “timeless design” is very appealing for many reasons. It creates balance by spanning a variety of design concepts and eras. It is lasting and economical; no need to repaint after two or three years or redecorate a space because the colors and dĂ©cor have become dated. Timeless design is also functional; incorporating storage, choosing durable finishes, and adding elements to your home that are energy-efficient and sustainable. In this blog post, we will explore some current design trends that have proven their staying power, offering timeless refinement that inspires homeowners and designers alike. 

This living space incorporates many timeless design elements
Studio McGee

Natural Materials 

Incorporating natural materials into your home will give it beauty that transcends time, adding warmth, dimension, and a connection to nature. Choose hardwood flooring in natural finishes or countertops made from stone such as granite. When shopping for home textiles, look for items made from natural fibers such as a beautiful cotton knit throw blanket, linen kitchen towels, and rugs made from wool or jute. Add accent pieces with natural elements such as a side table with rattan details, a braided rope storage basket, or a woven wicker tray. Houseplants and cut flowers also bring the outside in, enlivening your indoor spaces. 

Natural wood flooring is both functional and timeless
House Beautiful

Statement Lighting

Lighting is a crucial element in interior design, elevating the ambiance of your space. Statement fixtures are a timeless lighting choice. Large chandelier lighting in an entryway or dining room and pendant lights above a kitchen island look stunning and also bring the eye up, creating height in your space. While recessed lighting is functional in a kitchen, stick to classic lamps, sconces and pendant lights, which cast a warm and inviting glow, around the rest of your home. Pro tip: look for LED bulbs in “soft white” or “bright white” for a warm, soft feel.

Large pendant lights hung above a kitchen island make a statement

Timeless Furniture Pieces

Investing in quality furniture pieces with timeless styles, shapes, and fabrics will ensure that your home will withstand the test of time. Consider a stunning Chesterfield sofa, with its iconic rolled arms and low back. The classic shape of Wishbone chairs looks interesting around a dining room table, and a wingback accent chair is refined and cozy in a living room. When choosing upholstery for furniture, natural fabrics such as leather, velvet and linen will always look beautiful. Neutral colored and easy-care fabrics are also a beautiful and functional choice.

Classic Wishbone style chairs around a dining table
My Home My Way

Blending Old and New

Embracing vintage and antique pieces infuses character and authenticity into your space, giving it a timeless and unique charm. Mixing old treasures with modern elements creates a curated look that stands apart from passing trends. Consider incorporating a family heirloom into your décor such as a handmade quilt draped over a couch, or a hand-written recipe card from a relative fastened in a beautiful frame hung in the kitchen. Look for antique brass accent décor such as small figurines to put on a bookshelf or blue and white porcelain vases to display your flowers.

Blue and white porcelain adds character and authenticity to this home
House Beautiful

Neutral and Monochrome Palettes

Monochrome interiors are simple and versatile with a clean and fresh look. Combining black and white, various shades of the same color, or various neutral shades can create a timeless aesthetic. Neutral shades can create a cohesive look in your home, and choosing one design element, color, to remain the same will make your space easier to style as well. Take bedding for example. If you stick to neutral shades, you will draw the eye to other features such as shape, texture and pattern. Incorporate a busy floral-patterned pillow but in a monochrome neutral color. Add a refined linen duvet or quilted matelassé coverlet and a textured knit throw blanket in various shades of white, cream, blush and beige and you will have created a soothing and relaxing ambiance that is very inviting.

The neutral color palette in this bedroom is soothing and draws attention to the rich textures in this space
She Gave It A Go

While interior design trends come and go, certain elements remain eternally stylish. Embracing natural materials, statement lighting, timeless furniture pieces, neutral and monochrome palettes, and blending elements of old and new, ensures a home style that is timeless and withstands fleeting trends. By incorporating these elements into your home, you not only create a sophisticated living space, but also invest in an enduring aesthetic that you can call your own.

Author: Marla Carlson, RWS Guest Blogger

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Kelly Zabel is an award-winning stager, recognized nationally by the Real Estate Staging Association in 2023, 2021 and 2020. Whether new construction, remodeled, or in its original beauty, Kelly knows how difficult it is for potential buyers to imagine a home when viewing a vacant property. She loves taking an empty room, filling it with personality and comfort, and showcasing how homeowners could actually live in that space. Her natural eye for layout and design helps highlight the potential of any space.

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