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Thinking about making some home improvements but not sure what it will cost? You are not alone, more than 1/3 of homeowners are uncertain of costs… and 2/3 are afraid of overpaying.

HomeAdvisor has put together the awesome infographic below with not only average costs, but also highest and lowest costs for 57 common projects compiled from real data from actual contractors because that is what they do… connect homeowners with professionals who can help them with their home improvement projects.

The most expensive projects on their list include the popular projects of remodeling a kitchen or bath, but their estimates also include refacing cabinets so you can evaluate different options.

This list doesn’t just address the biggest and most expensive projects, however. It also includes practical maintenance items like repairing a clogged drain and cleaning your windows. If you are thinking about buying a home, it can help you set a budget and consider the true cost of owning your own home versus renting.

The info above is just a snapshot in time. See their online True Cost of Home Improvement which is updated regularly based on actual project costs as reported by 305 HomeAdvisor members. Check out HomeAdvisor’s annual True Cost Report for more detailed information on home improvement spending in America.

Wondering what projects give the best return when it comes time to sell? Check out Twin Cities 2017 Average Remodeling Costs and Return on Investment.


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