9 things to not forget to do when you move

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It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling, moving can be one of the most frazzling parts of the process. That said, moving into your new home ranks right up there in exciting life experiences! It’s easy to get so caught up in moving your ‘stuff’ that you forget some other important tasks that are also part of making a move. Here are some tips on what not to forget to do.


Most people don’t forget this one, but it’s important to contact local utilities for gas, electric, water, trash removal, etc. Tell them your closing date…they may also ask for the name of your buyer or seller. Ask your Realtor for a list of contacts to make this job easier.


If you contract services such as lawn care, snow removal, cleaning, etc. be sure to notify them you are moving. This can be easy to overlook if they come only a few times a year…for instance, if you move in the winter you may forget they will be coming to fertilize your lawn in the spring.


Most people remember to contact the post office to have their mail forwarded, but don’t forget that this causes delays in getting your mail, some of which may be time sensitive, and the change is only temporary…the forwarding order will expire in time.

You also need to contact the people who need to know your new address… family & friends, subscriptions (magazines, newspapers, DVDs/books/CDs), bills, banks/mortgage companies, payroll, Social Security, etc.


If you are moving out of state you will need to apply for a new license, but even if you are just moving down the street don’t forget you have to update your license with your new address. Same applies for your motor vehicle registration…if they don’t have your new address you won’t get your annual notification for new license tabs.


Obviously you need to take care of your homeowner’s insurance policy, but don’t forget to notify your providers of other forms of insurance as well…auto, medical, life, etc. Your new address could even mean a rate change in your auto insurance.


If you will be changing banks, it’s a good idea to open a new account in your new location before you move. Transfer any automatic payments to your new account and cancel those that will no longer apply. Again, don’t forget to contact human resources, the IRS and other financial services…easy to overlook because they they may not be contacted very often.


If you will be changing personal services collect all records or find out how to have them transferred… including medical, dental, vaccine and veterinarian. Also, carry with you a copy of your eye prescription if you have one. If your child will be changing schools be sure to pick up your child’s education portfolio, including immunization records.


Make sure to return all library books and notify them you are moving so they can cancel your card if you will no longer be using their services. Some fitness facilities will give you money back for unused portions or will transfer your membership to a facility close to your new home. Notify clubs and organizations of your move (community, social, religious, arts, sports, etc), especially if you are paying dues, membership fees, donations, etc.


People often hide keys or leave a spare with friends or neighbors…or may have items of personal value tucked away in a hidden location. Don’t forget to collect these things prior to your move…they are easy to forget because they are seldom used.

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