John Hensrud

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John Hensrud

About Me

John brings his welcoming spirit of caring, joining the team in 2014 after retiring after 15 years of service as Director of Hospitality at Calvary Lutheran Church.

His degrees in Architecture and Community and Regional Planning, as well as his previous work as a transportation planner in the metro area also bring helpful insights into the world of real estate.

John & Sharlene have long loved exploring neighborhoods and seeking out new places. Although they have now lived in the Twin Cities metro area for more than 35 years, they still have that spirit of discovery which they love to share with homebuyers exploring new areas… whether relocating across the metro or across the country.

Myers Briggs Personality Type

ENFP – people-centered creators with a focus on possibilities – Extroversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perceiving

“Strengths Finder 2.0″ – Tom Rath

John’s Strengths according to Strengths Finder: Adaptability – Connectedness – Ideation – Positivity – Woo

John Hensrud

We’re dedicated to personalized service.

We’re here to serve you.

Did you know that the number one complaint about Realtors is lack of communication?  This really surprises us because the most consistent feedback we get from clients, Realtors, and everyone we work with is that our communication is amazing.

Communication is at the core of everything we do, and we take it seriously.

When we ask clients why they chose us over other agents online, common replies are ‘You personally answered my call!’… or ‘it was obvious your email was from a real person and not just another auto-responder’.

The HomesMSP Team is small enough to be personal, and big enough to provide coverage when needed. We pride ourselves on providing hands-on, comprehensive, and personalized service. When a client once asked if she’d be working with the same agent from beginning to end, our positive response was all she needed to say, “Let’s get started!”