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April Showers Bring Staging Flowers!

It’s almost May here in Minnesota, and that means we are crossing our fingers and toes hoping that spring, and the beauty it brings, will be arriving soon! There is...
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The Hidden Costs of NOT Staging Your Home

We offer a variety of staging services at A Home Revival and Rooms with Style: staging consults, occupied stages, and the most inclusive service — the vacant stage. Here’s a...
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The Impact of Home Staging

It is always interesting to hear about the impacts of Home Staging from our clients, how it has brought more people in to see thier home and many times brought...
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Home Staging Tip – Go Back to the Original

When I go into a home to do a home staging consultation there are many things that I am looking at and addressing. My focus is to see your home...
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Is staging your home worth it?

In these days of housing shortages and eager buyers, does staging even matter? Yes!!! Below are examples of people who moved out of their homes prior to listing this year...
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What happens at a staging consult?

In today’s market, staging is so essential that I include a two-hour consultation with a professional stager for every property I represent as part of my services. Clients often say...
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Don’t Take It Personally! Home Staging Consultation

One of the first things I tell clients when I meet with them for a Home Staging Consultation is “don’t take it personally.” I am there to get your house...
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Home Staging Statistics You Will Love

Here are some Home Staging Statistics you will love, just in time for Valentines Day!   In the most recent study of  634 homes (both vacant and occupied), done by the...
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