Attic insulation cover

Attic Insulation Methods

What’s the best way to insulate your attic? I started out last week’s blog post with that question and never got around to the answer. By the time I was finished with that post, I realized that I had two different topics to cover; insulation types and insulation methods. Last week’s post was about insulation.

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Attic insulation types

What’s the best attic insulation? That depends on your definition of “best”. What’s going to perform the best is definitely not the most cost-effective way to insulate an attic. But surely, you already knew that. And I didn’t call you Shirley. First, let’s discuss the most common types of insulation available for attics; spray foam,.

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Unintended consequences of attic improvements

This is a guest blog post. Scroll to the bottom for more details.  Air sealing and adding insulation to an existing house could have negative impacts on both the occupants and the house. Wait…adding insulation is supposed to be a good thing, right? If done properly, yes. Houses are complex systems. There are many interactive.

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Adding attic insulation? Read this first.

If you’ve considered adding attic insulation to your home this year, please read this first. Most homeowners go about re-insulating their attics all wrong. What’s far more important than simply adding attic insulation is to have air-sealing performed first. This is the labor-intensive part of an attic insulation job that unscrupulous insulation companies may not mention..

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Knocking drain noises

Ever noticed those knocking drain noises when hot water drains out of your sink or bathtub? It’s the drain expanding. That’s it, that’s all. No big deal. It sounds like a leak, but it’s not. Here’s a video demonstrating this: Nevermind the crazy thumbnail. Author: Reuben Saltzman, Structure Tech Home Inspections

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Frost in attics: why it’s there and how to fix it

If you have a problem with frost in your attic, you’re not alone. With the last few weeks of very cold weather here in Minnesota, we’ve been seeing tons of frost-covered attics. Now with the warm-up this week, we’ve been hearing from a lot of homeowners with water damage. This post is largely a re-blog.

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Top 20 home inspection photos from 2017

This is our annual top 20 home inspection photos compilation. This is certainly the most wonderful time of the year, and these photos just get better and better. All of these images were featured on our facebook page over the last year. Enjoy! The new clogless furnace filter, guaranteed to keep out tumbleweeds. No home inspector needed for.

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Old vent caps need to go

If you drive through any neighborhood in Minneapolis or Saint Paul, you’ll find a handful of gas vents with missing or improper vent caps. These improper caps all need to go. The most serious problem with this style of vent cap is that it can collapse and block the vent. The condition pictured above is.

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Megatron vs backpack leaf blower

Top 4 holiday gifts for handy homeowners

I’ve put together my list of Top 4 gifts for handy homeowners. You can’t go wrong with any of these gifts. It took me about two seconds to come up with these four items, so they’re all clear winners in my book. Impact driver If you’ve never used an impact driver to drive screws, you need to.

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Missing handrails are now a required repair in Minneapolis

Missing handrails just got upgraded to a must-fix item for homes in Minneapolis. This used to be rated as a “B”, now it’s an “RRE”. If you know what all that means, you can stop reading now. You have the Twitter version of the story. For everyone else, here’s the long version, from the beginning. Truth.

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TK35UE cover

Fenix TK35UE 2018 Edition flashlight: a home inspector’s review

I tested out the brand new Fenix TK35UE 2018 edition flashlight as part of their Global Review campaign, and it’s a light cannon. Flashlights are dear to me and I’ve tried a ton of them, but I haven’t found a flashlight that I like more than my original Fenix TK35 flashlight that I got back.

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Reveal Pro cover

Seek Thermal Reveal Pro Camera: a home inspector’s review

Seek Thermal’s new Reveal Pro thermal imaging camera is an extremely impressive pocket-sized camera with image quality comparable to the FLIR E6. It’s not the first pocket-sized thermal camera, but it might be the best one available today. I don’t think I’m ever going to leave my house without an infrared camera anymore, now that.

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Same house, second inspection… what now?

This week’s question comes from a thousand other home inspectors, including just about everyone in my company. What happens when we get a request to inspect a house a second time? The most common scenario that triggers this situation is where someone from my company inspects a home and the deal falls apart, then we get.

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FLIR ONE Pro: a home inspector’s review

I had a chance to test out the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Camera, which is a $399 mobile phone accessory. Just plug it into the USB port on your phone and you now have an infrared camera with the same resolution as the FLIR E6, which is my camera of choice. I reviewed FLIR’s first mobile.

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ABS to PVC cover

Can I join ABS to PVC?

It’s possible to join ABS to PVC, but it’s only supposed to be done with a mechanical coupling, not glued. If you just came here for the answer, you can stop reading… but I think you want the whole story. Here goes. Today, there are two commonly used plastics for drain, waste, and vent pipes.

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