Furniture placement is critical in my opinion when selling your home. I don’t think I have ever done a Home Staging Consultation where I have not recommended the furniture be re-arranged in at least one room.

Why is this important?

1) A Room Can Feel Smaller. Furniture can cut a room off by blocking passage or making the room feel uninviting. When a potential buyer walks through the door it is best if the first thing they see is not the back of a sofa. Not only is it unappealing, it is a stopper visually.



Moving the heavier pieces of furniture to the back of the room will draw the eye back and allow the buyer to take in the entire room and not have their eye stop at the first large piece. It will make the room look and feel larger.

Although this room still has the same number of furniture pieces, by moving the heavy pieces to the back and having the two smaller chairs in the front that are angled with a low accent table in-between, makes the room feel more open and more cozy.



2) It Isn’t All About the TV. For living purposes you can have all your furniture lined up facing the TV, it works best for you and makes for perfect TV viewing. When you go to sell however we need to forget about the TV.



Place the furniture in an arrangement that feels as if everyone in the room can have a conversation with each other.  By moving the sofa against the wall so it isn’t cutting off the room right when you walk down the stairs, and placing one chair to the left of the fireplace, this room now feels like a place you want to sit down and relax. Accent pieces also help to make it feel like a home.



3) All Pieces That Can Fit Don’t Need to Fit. Just because you have a large room that can accommodate many pieces of furniture doesn’t mean they all need to be in the room for selling purposes.

A room can look chaotic and your eyes don’t even know where to land. They go to all the pieces of ‘things’ versus the beautiful fireplace and view.



By removing some pieces you are actually making a more tranquil space and the room still shows how large it is.



Furniture placement is tough and is especially difficult to do in your own home as you have been so used to having it the way it works best for you. When selling your home make sure it is the best for how the buyer will see the room. It’s all about the buyer now!

A Home Staging Consultation with a professional home stager is extremely valuable in getting your home in top selling condition both physically and visually.


About Shar Sitter

Shar is an award winning Designer and Home Stager and the owner of 'Rooms With Style' and the 'Certified Staging and Redesign Acadamy.' She has been in the design industry for over 25 years and her background includes studies in Interior Design as well as Horticulture to assist with your home’s curb appeal. Shar has a talent for taking simple things; placing them in their best light and making them shine. Another Sharlene from North Dakota, Shar and Sharlene knew they were destined to work together when they first met! She has been blogging here and helping bring out the best in the homes of Sharlene's sellers since 2011.

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