Ever noticed those knocking drain noises when hot water drains out of your sink or bathtub? It’s the drain expanding. That’s it, that’s all. No big deal. It sounds like a leak, but it’s not. Here’s a video demonstrating this: https://youtu.be/c9k8PiJRTHI. Nevermind the crazy thumbnail.

Author: Reuben SaltzmanStructure Tech Home Inspections

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About Reuben Saltzman

Reuben is a second-generation home inspector with a passion for his work. He grew up remodeling homes and learning about carpentry since he was old enough to hold a hammer. Reuben grew up thinking he was going to be a school teacher because he enjoyed teaching others so much. In a sense, that’s a lot of what home inspections are about, so Reuben truly does what he loves. Sharlene has worked with Structure Tech since 2000 and Reuben has been contributing to her blog since 2008.

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