State fair 2015

Everything on a stick!!

Corn dogs, popcorn, Pronto Pups! Golden ears of corn.

Giant Sing Along – step up to the microphone for group Karaoke!

Radio stations, Television stations and Politicos.

History On-A-Schtick, Math On-A-Stick, Eco Experience – New Highlights and much more!

And, of course, 4-H and farm animals! 

20150827_130923And people. I can't get enough of people. Every possible nationality, credo, faith, color of hair, color of skin. Tall ones, short ones,  some are too short for their weight (as I raise my hand).

People are fascinating – unlike boring old me. Finding out people stories has been a huge desire for me for a long time. I wish I could walk up to everyone and anyone and ask "What's your story?". 

About 30 years ago I read a book called Blue Highways written by William Least Heat Moon. It was so helpful for a country boy from North Dakota to learn about other cultures, other characters. Professor Least Heat Moon taught at a middle American university and had a talent for writing about people, events and experiences. He also had a knack of relating to "regular" people. No "airs" here! People just talked to him. 

I am certainly grateful for the life and talents I have, but a bit envious of his gifts.

So, what's your story? Tell a friend, tell a loved one, before it's too late. Write down interesting anecdotes from your life. Don't let time fly away without sharing who you are. 

OK. Back to the Fair!

Besides people, temptations are all around, so one must be careful not to come home with an "interesting" tattoo!

Sinfulness: Gluttony is handed to you on a stick! With kids and grandkids spending money comes easily! But . . . once a year!?!? Ya, ya got t do it!

Fried green olives on a stick got me this year! Fabulous!

And, last but not least TOE RINGS! I almost got one. 

So . . go to the Fair, but be strong!


John Hensrud, REALTOR

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