So, we win tickets to the Saint Paul Saint's game! It's all the way across the metro! Never fear, LRT is here!

Saint's Ball Park Sharlen & me Selfie

The traveling and viewing adventure began at Target Field in downtown Minneapolis. The rail cars were very comfortable with huge windows allowing you see a lot. We traveled from end to end on the one rail line, so we got to see a lot of Twin Cities' Real Estate.

Greenline & Target Field

It was great to see both downtowns and all the development between. Most of my normal travel is, unfortunately, by car. A person doesn't see much from a car… especially when you want to  be safe by paying attention to road traffic. So I miss seeing much of this great metropolis and its future. It's good to take a step back once in a while! Always take time to "smell the roses". 

Part of my education (many years ago) included training as an urban planner, helping cities and governments anticipate future needs looking for opportunities for connecting people with their community.

After leaving the "Field", Minneapolis downtown adds intrigue to our travels, we rode past the new Vikings First Bank Stadium (Note for next time – sit on the right side of the train!).

Then, over the river, to the beautiful campus of the University of Minnesota. There's definitely an energy there, even in August!! And the TCF Stadium, home of the University of Minnesota football! Viewed from street level the building is huge.

As we travel east on University Avenue we see Prospect Park, with its tower standing tall for for so many years.

Then a commercial stretch where many new stores, offices and businesses mix nicely in with the stable commerce of yesterday.  At the end of this stretch is, of course, The Egg and I restaurant.

After crossing Highway 280 another section of mixed new and old commerce including the new Habitat for Humanity headquarters building.

Then the bustling Midway Area which is also a focal point of education with many of  Saint Paul's university/collage campuses.

East of Midway, many University Avenue businesses had seen their glory days behind them, but now new development is reawakening the area.

Next, are the state government buildings centered on our impressive State Capitol Building, we catch a glimpse of the Saint Paul Cathedral before we enter downtown St. Paul. We end at the beautiful Union Depot, with a short walk to the Saints game and stadium.

During the ride I was so taken with people! The metro area is so diverse in its population, which is truly the image of LRT riders. Riders include people from business to leisure, from short trips to long trips, from family to single riders. 

Prospect Park & Tower

So – on to the game which was great, we won, 9-3.  Interesting to observe a different atmosphere at the Saint's game versus the Twins. Lots of fun and conversation! Audience/amateur cheerleaders! Food vending from local pubs and restaurants. I'll write more about the Saint's and there new ballpark on a later post.

Oh . . the Green Line ride home?  It was dark. Like 10:30 pm dark!

Get out and see a Saint's game – you'll have fun. Take the LRT!

John Hensrud, REALTOR

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