For some reason I have been into color lately. In my clothes, my work, and my home. Maybe it is because it is Spring and the dull winter is finally over. 

Here are a few examples of how I added color recently to my life and it was SO easy. I bought some spray paint and things that were previously white or brown became colorful. Tables, candle holders and more. 


End Table



Roby Fountain 1


ZOWEY!! A few cans of vibrant spray paint from Rustoleum and look at all the happy color. 

 I also bought more colorful flower pots and throw pillows.



Hot Tub



Flower Pot


How is that for adding color? If you are hesitant about adding color into your life start small. A throw pillow, a vibrant scarf and the easiest is something outdoors.

Nature is filled with color so why not add to it.  May you have a wonderfully blessed summer!!




 Shar Sitter, owner Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN.

CHSE and APSD Home Stager Pro Trainer




About Shar Sitter

Shar is an award winning Designer and Home Stager and the owner of 'Rooms With Style' and the 'Certified Staging and Redesign Acadamy.' She has been in the design industry for over 25 years and her background includes studies in Interior Design as well as Horticulture to assist with your home’s curb appeal. Shar has a talent for taking simple things; placing them in their best light and making them shine. Another Sharlene from North Dakota, Shar and Sharlene knew they were destined to work together when they first met! She has been blogging here and helping bring out the best in the homes of Sharlene's sellers since 2011.

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